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Program Parameters

 cgx [-a|-b|-bg|-c|-duns2d|-duns3d|-isaac2d|-isaac3d|-foam|-ng|-step|-stl]->
        filename [ccxfile]

  -a        automatic-build-mode, geometry file derived from a 
            cad file is expected
  -b        build-mode, geometry file in fbd-format is expected
  -bg       background, suppress creation of graphic output
            otherwhise as -b, geometry (command) file must be provided
  -c        read an solver input file (ccx, Abaqus)              
  -duns2d   read duns result files (2D)                                  
  -duns3d   read duns result files (3D)
  -isaac2d  read isaac result files (2D)                                  
  -isaac3d  read isaac result files (3D)                                  
  -foam     read the OpenFOAM result directory structure
  -ng       read Netgen native format (with surface domains)    
  -step     read an ascii-step file (points and lines only)                                  
  -stl      read an ascii-stl file (triangles)                                  
  [-v]      (default) read a result file in frd-format and optional
            a solver input file (ccx) in addition which provides the
            sets and loads used in the calculation.

 special purpose options:                                               
  -mksets       make node-sets from *DLOAD-values (setname:''_<value>'')
  -read         forces the program to read the complete result-file
                at startup
If no option is provided then a result-file (frd) is assumed, see ''Result Format''.

A file containing commands or geometric informations is assumed if the option -b is specified. Such a file will be created if you use ''exit'' or ''save'' after you have interactively created geometry. Option -a awaits the same format as option -b but merging, defining of line-divisions and the calculation of the interior of the surfaces is done automatically and the illuminated structure is presented after startup. This should be used if the commandfile was generated by an interface-program which convertes cad-data to cgx-format (for example vda2fbd). With option -a and -b the program will start also if no file is specified.

An input file for the solver can be read with option -c. Certain key-words are known and the affected nodes or elements are stored in sets. For example the default set(s) +bou(dof) store nodes which are restricted in the corresponding degree of freedom and the set(s) +dep(dof) and +ind(dof) store dependent and independent nodes used in equations.

A special case is OpenFOAM. The results are organized in a directory structure consisting of a case containing time-directories in which the result-files are stored. The user must call cgx using the case-directory (cgx -foam case). The program will then search the time-directories. The time directories must contain a time-file to be recognized. Or in other words each directory in this level containing a time-file is regarded as a result directory.

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