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   'prnt' ['se'|'sq' <RETURN|set|*chars*>]|
          ['n'|'e'|'f'|'p'|'l'|'s'|'b' <entity>]| 
          ['amp' <RETURN|amplitude|*chars*>]|
          ['mat' <RETURN|material|*chars*>]
This keyword is used to print definition of entities. The following entities are known:

Nodes n, Elements e, Faces f, Points p, Lines l, Surfaces s, Bodies b, Nurb Surfaces S, Nurb Lines L, Sets se and Sequences sq

To see all known sets, type:

prnt se

Or type

prnt sq

to see all known sequential sets (sequences). Wildcards (*) can be used to search for setnames of a certain expression. In this case all sets matching the expression will be listed:

prnt se N*

lists all sets starting with 'N'. To see the contents of a specific set, type

prnt se setName

To print the definition of a line, type

prnt l lineName

If an ccx- or abaqus-input-file was read then it is also possible to print the amplitudes (*AMPLITUDE in ccx) or the material-propperties (*MATERIAL in ccx):

prnt amp amplitude-name

prnt mat material-name

. Wildcards (*) can be used.

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