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Applying the MPC's to the expanded structure

The procedure applied here (and coded in subroutine ``gen3dmpc.f'') is similar to the one in the previous section. The problem consists again of connecting the nodes to which the MPC is applied with the newly generated nodes of the expansion. Each term in the MPC is considered separately. If a knot is defined in the node of the term at stake, nothing needs to be done if a translational degree of freedom is addressed, whereas for a rotational degree of freedom the node is replace by the rotational node of the knot. If no knot is defined, MPC's satisfying Equation 225 are generated for 1D elements, MPC's satisfying Equation 226 for 2D shell elements and MPC's described by Equation 227 for plane and axisymmetric elements. For the latter elements only the nodes in the zero-z plane are connected, see Figure 125.

guido dhondt 2012-10-06