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User-defined output

Output to file (.dat or .frd file) is governed by the *NODE PRINT, *EL PRINT, *NODE FILE and *EL FILE keywords and the FREQUENCY parameter on each of them. Each time output is written to the .dat file (*NODE PRINT or *EL PRINT) a user routine uout.f is called as well. The routine uout delivered with CalculiX is empty, however, the user can use this routine to print user-defined output to any file. This especially applies to output the user generates within other user-defined routines. The information can be made available through commons (FORTRAN77) or modules (FORTRAN90).

      subroutine uout(v,mi)
!     This routine allows the user to write user-defined output
!     to file. The output can be brought into the routine by commons
!     (FORTRAN77) or modules (FORTRAN90). The file management must
!     be taken care of by the user.
!     INPUT:
!     v                  solution vector
!     mi(1)              max # of integration points per element (max
!                        over all elements)
!     mi(2)              max degree of freedomm per node (max over all
!                        nodes) in fields like v(0:mi(2))...
!     OUTPUT: none

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