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Keyword type: step

This procedure card is used to determine frequencies taking into account Coriolis forces (cf. Section 6.8.3). It must be preceded by a *FREQUENCY step in which the eigenvalues and eigenmodes are calculated without Coriolis (do not forget to use the option STORAGE=YES in the frequency step, ensuring that the eigenmodes and eigenvalues are stored in a .eig file). The frequency step does not have to be in the same input deck. There is one parameter for this card: CYCLIC SYMMETRY (without argument). It should be used if the frequency step is a cyclic symmetry step AND it is not part of the input deck with the complex frequency procedure.

Finally, the number of eigenfrequencies requested should not exceed the corresponding number in the frequency step.

First line:

Second line:



requests the calculation of the 10 lowest eigenfrequencies and corresponding eigenmodes.

Example files: rotor.

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